Obtaining NO SOAP™

There are several steps to this process, there are no work arounds or shortcuts, though you are welcome to try.

  1. Select a charitable, non-profit, which sponsors dermatologic research.
    Choose your own or one of these:
    National Rosacea Society
    Rosacea Research & Development Institute
  2. Donate $25.00 or more
  3. Mail a copy of your receipt to us.
    The copy of receipt
    Your complete mailing address
    email address, if you would like to be informed of usually plausible excuses for delays beyond 12 weeks.

    Our Current Address:
    PO Box 3247
    Duluth, MN 55803-3247
  4. Wait
    The inevitable delays are due to staff vacations, personally designated holidays and US government mandated vacation days. Expect at least 8 weeks to pass before your bar could possibly arrive.


NO SOAP™ is a novelty useful only as an educational item. The idea is, of course, free and once you possess that you do not need the physical bar. We provide the bar for those find that having a physical object to remind them is the only way they can maintain the idea in their lives.

Once you have the concept, you may wonder how safely dispose of the bar. Some methods readily come to mind: shim for grossly uneven table, tossing item for your dog to retrieve, good kindling. As you think and use your own method, please let us know so that we might share your wisdom with other owners who’s interest in the physical bar has ended..

Do not, under any foreseeable circumstances, send your donation directly to us. We are not a licensed charitable foundation and would not be able to deal with your largess. Do not send money for postage.


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Eugene Barnes

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